Wool Infinitely

#awoollife: all the knowledge and prep and practice of wool and creating with wool has no finish line.  There is no point at which I will be able to say, “there we go, that’s enough, I pretty much got all I need”. Lured and spellbound by spinning and wool, the desire is firmly planted. I could not imagine a life without this kind of naturalness.

Being pretty new, looking ahead, it’s a long road. Or is it a shorter road with lots and lots of roundabouts and cul-de-sacs? Doesn’t really matter much. As long as there is movement, an element of learning more often than not.

Some days it is how to spin a certain wool in different ways.  Some days it’s how to get that wool washed and prepped.  Sometimes it’s simply reading or forum chatting about wool…and wool tools, of course.  Some days it’s this wheel vs. that wheel or a wheel vs. a spindle.  And let’s not forget all the different kinds of wool there are in the world to explore. Limitless…  

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