Oh that first step, and where to start…I’ve been putting it off almost 6 months now (this time). This site has been repurposed now for the third time. It started out as an art gallery website back in 2014/2015, went pretty well. Then as the gallery closed it’s doors, there was an attempt to transition into a pop-up gallery site which, unfortunately or fortunately, failed pretty miserably. I think it was more of a rebound business to fill the hole made by loosing the art gallery. Hole unfilled, it quickly moved to a personal site for my painting and yarn work.

Fiber Fate came into existence only a few short months ago in October 2019. I thought it would be fun to sell some of my handspun yarn at an outdoor mega market in Wimberely, TX, just south of my location in Austin. It is fun! I love trekking out there once a month to share the things I love – handspun yarn, crocheted accessories, fiber for spinning, paintings and prints.

So, here I go, getting the website better organized, better maintained, adding some projects that have been sitting on the back-burner, and starting the BLOG. Once the blog is started, it’s all-in, haha.