Drop Spindle Class

April 23rd, Saturday // 10:30 am // $35.00

Texas Yarn Lovers Event // Blue Mule Winery // Fayetteville, TX

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Join my Introduction to Drop Spindle Spinning class! Learn the basics of spinning fiber into yarn. This is a great class even if you intend to spin on a spinning wheel eventually. I’ll cover the information you need for spinning in general – wool, twist, tools, how-to’s.

Already started with a spindle and need additional help? Need a refresher on your basics? Have questions? This class is an opportunity to brush-up and enjoy a lovely outdoor yarn event. Learn and shop and relax.

What to expect: Included with the class, you will receive a spindle kit. Two hours of class time. Information to get you acquainted with wool and putting twist into that wool. We will move between presentation, demonstrations, and hands-on time. Two hours is enough time to get you started. Most likely, you will be finishing your spin and plying outside of class. I will supply information and demonstrate plying and finishing yarn in class.

The spindle kit contains a top whorl drop spindle, a variety of four types of fiber (1 ounce each), and instructions.