It’s been a long time coming that Angela would really venture into the realm of fiber.  In college, while participating in a textiles summer class, there was a bit of pondering about the chosen path of painter versus a new found love for textiles.  Since it was only months before receiving her bachelor degree for painting, and given that Angela was already too many years in school, she maintained her painting focus.

Finally the right time, she began learning to hand spin fiber January 2018.  Working with spinning wheels and hand spindles instantly became an everyday affair, a way of life.  Later in 2018, she started hand-processing from raw wool.  May 2019, she found handspun yarns complimentary to her watercolor painting and will continue to experiment with this visual textural mix.

New fiber sections on this website are in the works (2019) to share her fiber journey, highlight and make available some of her fiber projects and yarns.

Angela will always be is a painter.  Her most recent work explores a variety of thoughts related to memories:  The importance of memories to individuals; The importance of memories to masses of people, both in an instant and over a period of time;  What does a memory look like once it is transformed from the moment of origination, is internalized, and then represented on canvas or paper?  Putting some thought into “What kind of memories are we making?  How long will they last?  How pliable are they?  How fragile are memories?”

(updated October 2019)